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Castrol Classic Oils

Established in 1899, originally as C.C.Wakefield, Castrol launched their first lubricant for cars in 1906 and have been at the leading edge of motor technology ever since. Choosing the right lubricant for your cars' engine, gearbox and axle is essential for ensuring peak running condition and maximum wear protection. The technology of older vehicle engines is dramatically different from today's modern cars. So to assist the owners of older vehicles, Castrol has reintroduced their older brand names in a range of "Classic " lubricants to the correct formulations and importantly, to the precise viscosity as originally recommended; by the vehicle manufacturers themselves.

Engine Oils

Classic XL 20w/50 Multigrade for pre 80 Petrol Engine vehicles 1 Gallon
20 Litre
Classic XL 30 SAE 30 monograde for pre 50 vehicles 1 Gallon
20 Litre
Classic XXL 40 SAE 40 monograde for pre 50 cars and pre 70 motorcycles 1 Gallon
20 Litre
Classic GP50 SAE 50 monograde for pre 50 performance cars and pre 70 motorcycles 1 Gallon
20 Litre
Racing R40 A high performance castor based engine oil  with the distinctive "R" aroma for 4-stroke engines. SAE 40 1 Litre
4 Litre
Magnatec 10w/40 A3/B4 Part Synthetic 4.0 Litres
Magnatec 15w/40 A3/B3 Part Synthetic 4.0 Litres
GTX High Mileage 15w/40 A3/B3 4.0 Litres


Gear Oils

Castrol D140 Monograde straight oil for most type of gears except hypoid gears requiring high pressure oil 1 Litre
Spheerol L-EP0 Lithium based oil/grease for veteran and vintage cars/ motorcycles with grease packed axles or gearboxes requiring self levelling semi-liquid grease 500 gm
EP 80W/90 Extreme pressure multi-grade GL4 gear oil for manual transmissions and some hypoid differentials 1 Litre
Hypoy LS A full extreme pressure oil for limited slip diffs fitted to all types of vehicle 5 Litre
ST 90   500 ml
Syntrax Universal Semi-synthetic 75w/90 multigrade extreme pressure gear oil for manual transmissions and rear axles where an API GL3, GL4 or GL5 spec. is required. 500ml

1 litre

Racing B373 Mineral based extreme pressure gear oil with excellent load carrying capacity for use in limited slip differentials in rally and racing cars. 1 Litre
EP80 low viscosity extreme pressure gear oil for manual transmissions especially Ford 1959/1986 1 litre
EP90 Extreme Pressure gear oil suitable for non-hypoid differentials and some manual transmissions. 1Litre
EP140 For manual transmissions and hypoid differentials where an extreme pressure SAE 140 gear oil is recommended. 1 litre
EPX 80w/90 For manual transmissions and rear axles requiring an extreme pressure multigrade gear oil to API GL5 spec. 1 litre
TQF Auto transmission fluid for older Fords and Borg Warner transmissions 1 Litre
TQ-D A friction modified Automatic transmission fluid (dyed red for identification) fitted to older cars requiring a GM type D fluid. 4 litre



Fork Oil 15w Mineral based hydraulic fluid to give varying degrees of motorcycle fork and shock absorber damping 500 ml
Brake Cleaner   400 ml
Everyman Oil Light machine oil containing anti-corrosion additives for general everyday use  125ml
Chain Spray A fully synthetic chain lubricant for motorcycle chains with and without O or X rings. 400ml Aerosol



LM Grease Lithium based high melting point grease 500gm.
Graphited Grease Semi-fluid waterproof grease with graphite for brake cables, also ideal where metal to metal contact is best avoided such as brake chains, clutch chains and road leaf springs. 500gm.
Moly Grease High melting point Lithium based grease containing Molybdenum, It provides dry lubrication under extreme operating conditions. For use in heavy load applications such as Kingpins and Bushes, Shackles and Suspension Trunnions.   500 gm
CL Grease Calcium based, soft, water-resistant grease primarily recommended for use in Chassis Lubrication Point systems. 500gm
Heavy Grease Heavy calcium based grease with excellent anti-corrosion properties, with a low temperature operating range. Suitable for use in hub bearings where seepage of water or oil is prone to occour. 500gm
Impervia MDX Bentone based with molybedenum disulphide to impart high load characteristics , excellent adhesion and solid lubrication particularly for bevel, worm and peg steering boxes. 400gm
Water Pump Stiff smooth lime based grease with excellent water resistance and unbeatable sealing properties especially for early pumps. 500gm
PH grease White tacky water resistant for long life application such as brake mechanisms and linkages and wheel hub splines for cars with wire wheels wher good adhesion is necessary. 500gm
Red Rubber. For use when assembling hydraulic brake rubbers, clutch and suspension components to prevent swelling and hardening. Compatible with hydraulic components. 500gm


Brake, Clutch and Hydraulic Fluid

Response DOT4 High performance brake fluid  1 litre
HSMO (Jaguar) Specially formulated mineral fluid for use in Jaguar hydraulic systems where a mineral oil is specified. 500ml
RR 363 Central system hydraulic fluid blended with castor for added lubricity, fully approved by Rolls Royce for use in hydraulic systems fitted to pre 1980 models which have a metal reservoir 1 Litre
HSMO Plus (RR and Bentley) Specially formulated mineral fluid for use in RR and Bentley hydraulic systems on post 1980 models which have a clear or black reservoir 500 ml


Petrol Additives

Castrol Valvemaster   250ml
Castrol Valvemaster Plus   250ml


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For today's owners, selecting the appropriate lubricant is simply now a matter of referring to the vehicles' original handbook and using the named Castrol brand listed therein. Until now owners of older vehicles have been forced to choose from a confusing array of multigrade oils on garage forecourts and in recent years, from oils offered by lesser known companies, offering multigrade formulations purporting to be suitable in instances where monograde lubricants of particular viscosity were originally stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Castrols' oil recommendation records date back to the late eighteen hundreds and detail all lubricant specifications for engine, gear oils and greases right through to today's modern day classics, so to find out which oil grade and viscosity of lubricant is most appropriate owners can simply refer to their vehicle handbooks or telephone the Castrol Classic Oil technical help line.

The Importance of Using the Correct Viscosity Lubricant Using oil of the viscosity that is recommended for a particular vehicle is important, as it is the oils' viscosity that determines its ability to flow. A quick flowing oil (one of low viscosity) deposits a thin film on the engines' internals, whereas a slow flowing oil (one of higher viscosity) deposits a thicker film. Furthermore, temperature will affect oil viscosity and thin the oil at higher temperatures and provide less protection than required. To compound matters even further, some oil viscosities are more affected by temperature than others and therefore using the correct viscosity oil is important: Too high a viscosity and excessive oil drag will cause the oil to heat up, additionally when starting an engine using an oil of too high a viscosity the lubricant will be unable to reach areas requiring lubrication quickly enough and rapid wear will result. Too low a viscosity and the oil will provide inadequate lubrication and protection at high temperatures, when under pressure - in fact at all times. The viscosity classification developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers of America (SAE) is universally adopted by both oil companies and motor manufacturers and recognises the following grades:

Monogrades: SAE 5w, 10w, 15w, 20w, SAE30, 40, 50, 60
SAE 5w/20, 5w/50, 10w/30, 10w/40, 15w/40, 15w/50, 20w/50, 10w/60
(The "W" following the number denotes Winter and indicates these grades being suitable in cold climatic conditions)

The secret of good oil is its formulation - the blend of base oil and the chemical additives which provide it with its particular character and safety margins. Choosing the Correct Oil for Your Classic. The formulations required for modern vehicles are very different from those
needed for older vehicles. Oils for modern engines comply with the latest API ratings of SG and SH and are ideal for the design of a modern engine i.e: use of neoprene seals, high delivery oil pumps, narrow oil galleries, high revving with overall tighter machine tolerances. A classic car engine has the opposite characteristics with cork/graphite/rope seals, low pressure cog driven oil pumps, wider oil ways with greater dependence on "splash" and "cling" lubrication, lower revving with lesser machine tolerances. Such a widely different specification demands a totally different lubricant. The Castrol Classic Oils range offers formulations for older vehicles which have been specially blended for the work they have to do. Two oils of the same viscosity, supplied
by different oil companies can have radically different formulations, and thus have significantly different performance characteristics. The particular quality of the oil depends ultimately on its formulation - the special range and quantities (sometimes critical) of additives that are blended with the base oil.

Therefore as a guide, remember that low cost oil cannot be quality oil as inevitably additives, blend and research may be reduced or omitted to achieve the price, and that a high API rating does not denote suitability for your classic. Hotter engine components - too much detergent can cause a build up of metallic ash in the combustion chambers of older engines. In older engines with traditionally high oil consumption, this will cause detonation and pinking. In older engines where the carbon has built up over a number of years the detergents can also have a scouring effect causing the carbon to flake off, blocking up oil galleries and spray jets.

High levels of detergent will "wash" traces of carbon from seals and gaskets, revealing oil leaks. Inadequate anti-oxidant and the oil will permanently thicken during high temperature motoring, with large amounts of gum and varnish clogging filters and piston rings. Inadequate anti-wear additive and the oil film between moving parts breaks down prematurely, resulting in metal to metal contact and irreparable damage. Inadequate corrosion inhibitors and engine internals become pitted with corrosion and rust from acids and water formed during combustion. Inadequate dispersing results in soot, wear metals and the by-products of combustion settling out in the sump to form a thick sludge, that will block filters and oil ways. Inadequate pour point depressant and the oil ceases to flow at low temperatures, with excessive strain on the oil pump or in certain cases, oil starvation on start-up causing complete failure of the lubrication system.

Castrol Classic Oils are formulated in the style of the original products but using the most appropriate additive technology to provide the best protection for your classic engine. The Castrol Classic Range is available from Unicorn Motor Company.